2014 CMRA Heavyweight Rookie Expert Champion
2013 CMRA Formula 1 Novice Champion
2012 WERA E Superstock Novice National Champion
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Welcome to jaynewtonracing.com.   It all started with a trip to the Houston Supercross, and Jay was hooked on motorcycles. From his humble beginnings in motocross at the age of 5, to his current road racing career, 17 year old Texas native Jay Newton has always had his sights set for greatness. From the time he began riding at age 5, he showed much promise as a racer, and he quickly made his way onto the local, regional, state and national motocross scene. Quite an accomplished rider, he was a regular on the dirt until age 10, at which time he decided he wanted to try something different. He found his new calling, and it was motorcycle road racing. Already having 4 ½ years of riding experience helped him with the transition to the pavement and it simply seemed to click for Jay. He was what many would call, a natural, and immediately started making frequent appearances on the podium beginning in 2009.

After attending two MotoGP races at Laguna Seca, Indy and the new Circuit of The Americas, Jay was even more determined to become a fixture in the road racing community. It has been a very quick 6 years for Jay, as he has progressed at an incredible rate. He has challenged himself every year and set his goals extremely high each season, but he has continually met or exceeded every expectation. Making his way from the mini classes to the big bikes was not an easy task for Jay, but he has made it appear effortless with his smooth, seamless, intelligent and controlled riding. Gaining accolades along the way, Jay has become a fierce competitor and a force to be reckoned with.

The CMRA has produced multiple World and National Champions, and it is Jay's long term desire to follow in their footsteps and have a career to rival theirs.  He has a love for riding and racing, and knows that it takes hard work to be successful.  In his continuing pursuit for excellence, Jay has a strict physical work-out regiment, cycles regularly, and cross trains with motocross and flat track to maintain a peak skill level.  He has ridden with some of the best racers the AMA, WSBK and MotoGP has to offer, and has held his own against them.  Riding with such esteemed racers has made a huge difference in the way he rides and has boosted his confidence considerably.  Though he simply cannot get the dirt out of his system, road racing is where his heart is.

For 2015, Jay plans to campaign his Yamaha R6 for his new title sponsor, Oneprop, Inc.  Jay’s goal is to race the Superstock 600 class in the newly formed MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Motorcycle Road Racing Championship full time, as well as select events with CMRA and WERA.

We hope you enjoy the website and look forward to seeing you at the races!

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