Jay Newton

About Jay

The 2015 MotoAmerica racing season has come to a close, and 18 year old Texas native, Jay Newton, has completed his rookie year as a professional racer in the highly contested Superstock 600 class.  Truly the flagship class for MotoAmerica, with the overall highest number of entries throughout the year, Jay fared well for his initiation into the ranks.  Although one of the youngest entrants in the class, he put that aside and did his best to deal with the business at hand.  Riding a different brand from the previous year, he knew he would have another learning curve and that the deck would not be stacked in his favor.  Coming from a multi-year club and National championship winning background with the CMRA and WERA though, this young rider set his goals high.

Riding and racing since the age of 5, Jay has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout his career.  His first year as a professional racer would be no different.  Facing the adversity and having the strong will to never give up, coupled with his natural talent is why he belongs in a professional racing paddock.  There was not one easy moment for Jay the entire year, and he did have moments of doubt about the entire scenario, but never doubted why he was there.  Even at the lowest points this year when he thought he might not even be able to finish qualifying or race, he bounced back and did what it took to get himself on the grid.  That is simple determination and perseverance at its finest.

Having natural talent is something that not many riders possess, but this young man has an abundance of.  Though he has never had any formal training, Jay has managed to rise to the occasion year after year to meet the call of his competitors.  He makes it look effortless to just get on a bike, a bike in any discipline of riding, and be fluid. Many say that is what true champions are capable of.  Not necessarily being the fastest out of the box, but being able to adapt, overcome, and succeed given the proper time and training.  Training is something Jay will be concentrating on heavily during the off-season in preparation for 2016, and it has already begun.  With a rigorous gym and physical work-out schedule, regular on and off-road cycling schedule, plenty of flat track training at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp and track days, Jay is vowing to come back in 2016 in the best possible physical condition.  As far as formal on track instruction, Jay will finally be attending a multi-week session with California Superbike School, courtesy of his 2015 title sponsor, ONEprop, Inc.  Having those who believe in him is why he wants to succeed, and this will surely give him the additional mental and technical knowledge he needs to make the next progressive step as a racer.