Newton Racing

About Jay

It all started with a trip to the Houston Supercross, and Jay was hooked on motorcycles. From his humble beginnings in motocross at the age of 5, to his road racing career which began at age 10, Texas native Jay Newton has always had his sights set for greatness. From the time he began riding at age 5, he showed much promise as a racer, and he quickly made his way onto the local, regional, state and national motocross scene. Quite an accomplished rider, he was a regular on the dirt until age 10, at which time he decided he wanted to try something different. He found his new calling, and it was motorcycle road racing. Already having 4 ½ years of riding experience helped him with the transition to the pavement and it simply seemed to click for Jay. He was what many would call, a natural, and immediately started making frequent appearances on the podium beginning in 2009 thru 2014 with the CMRA and WERA roadracing clubs.  From there Jay turned pro with MotoAmerica racing a full season in Superstock 600 in 2015 and 3 select events in Supersport 600 in 2016.

Funding would be difficult to find for road racing for the 2017 season so Jay decided to try something new.  Jay began riding Flat Track and TT at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp in March 2010 so it was only a matter of time before Jay would try his hand at this new racing discipline. Having never raced flat track, it would seem to be a long shot for Jay to be successful, but he decided that the newly branded American Flat Track Singles Class would be the obvious choice for him to go racing. Already having a Yamaha YZ450F, he would prep it for flat track, acquire his race license, and show up at Daytona on his stock motor Yamaha and no spares. Nobody there had ever heard of Jay and knew nothing of him. He quickly let the flat track world know who he was though by finishing 9th out of 60+ racers that entered the Daytona TT during Bike Week. He would also go on to make every AFT Singles Main Event at every round he participated in throughout the 2017 season, barring the Springfield Short Track where he was still recovering from a separated shoulder. Though this year was a huge learning curve for Jay and his team, and it was not without injury, Newton and his team would persevere, and make it successful. Jay would post his best result of the year at the season finale in Perris, California, by taking P7 in the Main, which would put him in 19th overall for the season and runner up for Rookie of The Year. Without a gauge for comparison, and racing against riders that grew up with flat track, we can only trust what others tell us about the level of success we had this season.  

Having natural talent is something that not many riders possess, but this young man has an abundance of.  Though he has never had any formal training, Jay has managed to rise to the occasion year after year to meet the call of his competitors.  He makes it look effortless to just get on a bike, a bike in any discipline of riding, and be fluid. Many say that is what true champions are capable of.  Not necessarily being the fastest out of the box, but being able to adapt, overcome, and succeed given the proper time and training.  Having those who believe in him is why he wants to succeed, and this will surely give him the additional mental and technical knowledge he needs to make the next progressive step as a racer.

​Jay has proven that he can consistently run in the top ten, and with more seat time during this off-season, he has already set his goals for a top five overall in 2018 . Jay continues to improve his race craft, and his mental focus and physical conditioning has him primed to take the next evolutionary step as a racer. Jay is extremely excited about the possibilities that lie in store for him in 2018.